Sizing & Fit Advice

As I am sure you have worked out by now, we stock many, many different brands from all over the world. It is our belief that no one size chart per brand can possibly work for every item within that brand. Sizing will vary within a brand due to fabric, style and structure. 

It is for that reason, that we hand measure each individual style and you will see a size guide for that exact item pop up in the product window.

If you would like help with sizing we would love to offer you a one on one fit service!  Simply take your measurements exactly as described below and chat with us using either the pop up chat window, facebook messaging, email or a quick call.  Feel free to utilise our extensive product knowledge so you get the best fit first time around!

HOW TO MEASURE - in inches if possible please.

BUST - measure yourself straight around and over the largest part of your bust while wearing your best bra.  Make sure the straps are adjusted so that your bust is well supported.

WAIST - we need your true old fashioned high waist. Measure straight around the smallest part of your torso. This will be approx 2 inches perhaps 3 inches ABOVE your navel.  If you are unsure where to measure - stand in front of the mirror, bend to the side and note the spot that creases first.  This is where you should measure your waist.

HIPS - measure straight around and over the LARGEST part of your bottom end. We need the biggest measurement you get going straight around in your bottom area.  For some it will be over your bottom, for others it will be higher on your hip.

Please trust us with your exact measurements!  Don't add a little, or take a little away, give us exact measurements and let us make the necessary adjustments based on our style, fabric and body shape knowledge.